I sent Bryan Bell an email a couple of days ago:

"Hey Bryan, can you imagine a little badge that says you like RSS 2.0? A heart. Maybe like one of those heart-shaped candies, a valentine to RSS? RSS needs some lovin."

I Love RSSAnd of course Bryan came up with a great graphic. If you love RSS, if you think your aggregator is just fantastic, or if you like all the people who can read your stuff in RSS, then please proudly display Bryan's I Love RSS graphic and link back to this page.

And if you think Bryan does great work, post a comment here saying so!


Bryan, you are the best!!

Don't forget www.acme.com which generates phtorealistic, rather than iconic, candy hearts...

Bryan, most excellent!


You do great work. Please make a new logo for Weblogger Manila sites. The current one is getting a bit stale, don't you think? :]

Bryan, you're to graphics what Elvis Presley is to Rock'N'Roll ";->"

Dave, why not add "ILoveRSS" as a global shortcut!(with a link to the new spec url)

Looks great! Just one suggestion though. Can you change the color to something other than Pepto Bismol pink? I have too many negative memory associated with that. <g>

Bryan does amazing work. Check out the CORAL site theme (manila site) and you'll see what I mean.


It's nice to be able to thank Bryan again somewhere for helping make blogging the phenomena that it is.

For the rest of us who don't know our C# from our C, Bryan's work is what first lures us in to blogging.

Here's to seeing he in the end gets the credit and compense from what he has help make happen by his winsome art.

Great work!

Thanks for the kind words. I've created a complete set of heart images Check them out here

I think Bryan does great work!

There's RSS....and then there's Bryan Bell


PS. Di you know that Adam Curry of MTV fame has YOUR lil valentine on his blog site!...Absolutely obscure facts department


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