The RSS Advisory Board has two new members: Jason Shellen, the product manager of Google Reader and a former strategist for the company that created Blogger, and Jake Savin, the lead developer at UserLand Software.

Jason Shellen has spent three years at Google since the company acquired Blogger developer Pyra Labs.

First launched in October 2005, Google Reader is a free web-based aggregator that reads Really Simple Syndication and all of the other syndication formats, supporting item sharing, tagging, an application programming interface and other features.

Shellen's also a member of the PayPal Developers Network Advisory Board and the Social Software Alliance.

Jake Savin has developed software since 2000 for UserLand, so he's been a part of the company during the four years that it published Really Simple Syndication and helped popularize the format.

He's the cocreator of the weblog publishing tools Manila and Radio UserLand, two of the first commercial programs to support RSS, and a content management system for the publisher of MacWeek, MacWorld and MacCentral magazines.

Savin's also a professional musician who runs a mobile recording studio in Dallas that publishes some of its work as podcasts.

Welcome aboard!


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