A new draft of the RSS Profile has been published.


Looking at all the rss documentation the thing that is the least clear to me is the "category" tag. Do you have a priority list of revisions to your spec library?

I have news items that are categories of "type" and "location", and am struggling how best to represent multiples of that information.

Here is are examples:
In this example a highway closure affects multiple cities and locations and the type could have multiple ranges of impact, from getting the latest information about maintenance to projects to highway alerts. We are looking for the ability to have a user subscribe to one feed but only get the information they are interested in and we saw category as the best way to do this. Is this possible? Will/Should this be possible?

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

I've posed your question on the RSS-Public mailing list.

I haven't used category for anything other than tagging. Publishers typically offer customized information through multiple RSS feeds, but category could be used for the same purpose if your users are all using your aggregator.


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