Randy Charles Morin has become the chairman of the RSS Advisory Board, taking over for Rogers Cadenhead, who will continue as a member.

Morin, a member of the board since 2006, is an RSS software developer who created the enormously popular RSS-to-email service SendMeRSS, which had 50,000 users when it was sold to NBC Universal in 2007. Morin began the site -- originally called R-Mail, as a personal project, turning it into a business when it grew by 15,000 users over a 90-day period.

A member of the RSS community who's been evangelizing the format for years, Morin publishes the RSS Blog, a how-to site for RSS publishers and developers that has more than 6,800 subscribers to its feed.

While on the board, Morin led the development of the RSS Best Practices Profile, a set of recommendations that make it easier for feed publishers and programmers to implement RSS 2.0.


Thanks Rogers!


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