If you're interested in RSS but you don't know where to start learning about it, Lee and Sachi LeFever of The Common Craft Show have created RSS in Plain English, a breezy video that explains it in under four minutes.


Hi Randy,

I saw this a while back and posted it on my family blog (http://thebeetonblog.blogspot.com) which is normally only viewed by family members. I thought it'd be a nice pseudo-educational break from the family photo posts that predominate there.

So at a recent family get together I asked if anybody had checked out the video and sadly the response I got from more than one family member was 'yeah - it wasn't family pictures or a funny video so I didn't bother - looked boring to me'. Grrr. It continues to baffle (and anger) me when people simply don't want to learn anything. They'll continue to shuffle along ignoring the little orange chicklets appearing on the 50 sites they hop around to everyday. Grrr...

Serves me right for trying to advance the cause...I continue to severely overestimate the height of the proverbial bar.

Sorry Rogers - could've sworn it was Randy Morin on the byline. Got to read more carefully. ;) Talk about raising the bar..

I should try that video on some of my acquaintances and relatives to see whether it helped them. It's the best beginning video I've seen yet, but I have trouble seeing what this looks like to the non-initiated.


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