Wired: "A demo publishing system launched Friday by a popular programmer and blogger merges two of this season's hottest tech fads -- RSS news syndication and BitTorrent file sharing -- to create a cheap publishing system for what its author calls 'big media objects.' The hybrid system is meant to eliminate both the publisher's need for fat bandwidth, and the consumer's need to wait through a grueling download."

Dave, I see you moved the NY Times feeds directory to the Tech at Harvard blog from backend.userland.com, but the feed URLs still 404. They lack a capital R in "nytRss." See my last post to Doc's blog. I'd change 'em for you if I could.


Hello there-Your article was very informative. I've been trying to read up on how to code/develop an rss reader. where do you think i should start with? would greatly appreciate your suggestions :)

i've got an rss feed of a bittorrent site for 2 months alreadyold news :-)


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