The Rave Award nominees for 2004 are up. I'm nominated in the Software Designer category, for RSS, along with the designers of Friendster, Skype, BitTorrent and iTunes. Pole vaulter

Observations about RSS on this milestone. It's doing the job. It's right up there with social networks, VOIP, the latest in file sharing, and the Internet music revolution. It's the only XML format on the list. HTTP was good enough, as was HTML, and there's certainly nothing wrong with RSS, clearly, because it works, demonstrably. It's a great format, and of course some people don't like it, and that's their right. But it's a great day for us, the community of people who use and build on RSS. I love RSS, with pride.


Congrats, Dave.

Which versions of HTML and HTTP were "good enough"?

With all due respect, RSS is a mark-up spec that throws a few tags around a few pieces of data. It seems out of place among the other nominees who built complex, substantial software applications. Perhaps there should be a separate category ("Best Standards Proselytizing"?) for this, but I can't see you winning over the others in the current category.

The 'best' design is not the most complex design. The 'best' design is one which fits the problem space well enough that people are motivated to use it. And sometimes the simple solutions are the most difficult for a 'professional' to come up with ;-). So RSS is cool!

My point was not that RSS is not the "best design," but that it's not a piece of software, i.e., it's nominated in an inappropriate category.

As me, it expects that Mr. Dave Winer is chosen. Because RSS is the technology which reforms fusion of various technology, and innovate informational circulation.

Please help me understand.Content Syndication in a nutshell. In the beginning; R.V. Guha was theproject lead for the MCF Project; which lead to the creation of RDF,which lead to RSS 0.9, which resulted in RSS 0.91, which nurtured RSS1.0, which solidified RSS 0.92, which resulted in the freezing of RSS2.0, and this was a catalyst in the igniting ATOM development.Taking into account this history, how can WIRED nominate Winer forits RAVE Award as Software Designer of RSS? Isn't this comparable to <ahref="">giving Amazon a patentfor "creating a method and system for placing an order to purchase anitem via the Internet?" How can we take any of the RAVE awardsseriously, when WIRED is essentially giving Winer credit for the workdone by many? Also, how can Winer, in clear conscience, accept thisnomination?


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