Love RSS.RSS Winterfest is a two-day conference for people who use RSS. An audio conference that you participate in over the telephone. No charge, but registration is required. Should be very interesting. I'm doing the opening session, from a conference room at Harvard Law School, with people who are using RSS, and we'll talk about what they want to do with RSS, what they like about today's software, what they don't like; products and services they might want to buy. How do you feel about ads in RSS? How can schools, businesses, the government, better use RSS?


Speaking of RSSAds - check it out.<>

Sounds great!

One issue: I registered with no problem. I clicked on the test link and I get a pop-window. The test script can't detect what operating system I'm using (Mac OS X 10.3) and my browser (Safari). It also warns that "Mac and Unix operating systems may experience difficulties listening to and/or viewing webcasts." Of course, I can change my user agent string, but that isn't the point.

I have both Real Player and Microsoft Media installed, so I have the software required to view or listen to the webcast, assuming that there isn't any additional Windows-specific stuff going on.

Can we make sure that as long as someone has the correct software installed that they'll be able to participate using their platform of choice?


-- Al

Sry.. I couldn't hear the music. Try to do something like closed captions on it or print the songs behind so I can read with vibrations. Deafuser.

Try to get good ideas for us deaf users so we will be pleased with our precious vibrations when reading the music words on it.

Dave .. I 'made it to' the last two webcasts today .. sorry I missed your presentation: deadline to meet. "( I had the same problem the fist commenter made: no OSX or Mac compliance ??? Not good. I was able to go to the PC and connect without trouble - but that should not be the case.

Besides this - the content of the meetings were great! And the resource content is amazing... truly amazing! This is great!

On a side note for you, personally, I ran across a great database for songs: Thousands of songs; all their original creation data, plus ever cover ever done on the song. I've talked with the owner to see if they would be interested in attempting a 'owners' and 'audio' database connection .. they've not commented yet.

have fun ..



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