According to Scoble, Microsoft's new version of Windows, codename Longhorn, has a built-in RSS aggregator.

That was news to me. Is this for sure, or is it some kind of experiment?

If it's true, what do we know about the aggregator? How does it work? What formats does it support?

I remember a few years ago asking people at Microsoft to do something with RSS. I remember trying to convince Markoff at the NY Times that MS would adopt our vision of Web Services. If this is all true, at least I feel vindicated.

Further, I hope they're playing nice. So far they have.


It was shown off at PDC during Hillel Cooperman's demo of Aero. It isn't included with the new PDC build. I believe it supports RSS 2.0, but let me verify that. I don't yet have the component on my computers. I'll tell you more on Monday.

It's a very simplistic news aggregator that comes on the side bar. Just rotates through your RSS feeds and displays them like a sign in Times Square displays the news.

Woo, Personal Time Square! Will it have little side boxes for porn aggregators? Oops. That's the Old Time Square.

The RSS sidebar is actually an example sidebar tile in the longhorn SDK. It's kinda cool, but just rotates one RSS feed. I wrote a post about a while back:

Don, there are already a few people working on porn aggregators. I'm sure those won't be included by default, though.

I'm sure the RSS sidebar tile will get more features before Longhorn's release.


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