All Headline News is a new service that generates RSS feeds for publications that don't have them. I've been working with Jeff Brown for the last few days, getting his RSS in shape, and it's looking pretty good.

Then I asked for a feature I've been wanting for ages, the ability to have an RSS feed that, each time it's generated, does a search, and returns articles that contain the search term. Here's a feed that returns news about Harvard.  And one with news about Presidential candidate Al Sharpton. I think a lot of aggregator users are going to love this feature. Great stuff.


Unless, I am losing my mind :-), Feedster has done this for a long time, but only for sites with RSS feeds.

But if Feedster adds these feeds (i.e. if the site owner lets Feedster do this), then we'll have the best of both worlds, a updated search for both sites with RSS and sites without RSS.

Dave,You may not realize this, but it looks like All Headline News is part of a site,, that is using the Open Directory Project data without any attribution. This is a violation of the ODP license. While the RSS stuff is cool, it would be nice if they weren't riding on the back of others' hard work.

Amy Wohl at BloggerCon gave a great presentation, where she talked about how she subscribes to Feedster's RSS searches, using her aggregator. That's because after you do a Feedster search, you can easily subscribe to it in a wide range of aggregators--one click! To me, this is better than installing the AmeriClicks toolbar, whose URL says it sends info back to them. Also, when I do a search on "dean funding" I don't expect my top result to be a RE saleman named Dean. And I sure don't expect it to be the top result on page 2 as well as on page 1.

Is this similar to what was doing?

Putting in a URL from a News search on Google provides nice updates on particular topics/key words


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