RSS Advisory Board

Proposal: Take Over Publication of Media-RSS

The following RSS Advisory Board proposal has been made by Rogers Cadenhead and seconded by Ryan Parman.

Under the advisory board charter, the board has seven days to discuss the proposal followed by seven days to vote on it. Interested parties can comment on the proposal on the mailing list RSS-Public.

Media RSS is a namespace for syndicating audio, video and image files that was created by Yahoo in 2004. The namespace extends RSS support for enclosures to enable a number of different applications, such as video and audio search engines, multiple bitrates and encodings of the same content, artist credits and copyright information, and the ability to play the content with a specified media player.

In the five years since its launch, Media RSS has become highly popular with podcasters and other multimedia publishers and fostered an active development community at the Yahoo Groups mailing list RSS-Media. The namespace is supported by Yahoo Search, Bing, Wikipedia, Flock, Picasa, FriendFeed, Bebo and many other sites and software.

Yahoo, with the participation of members of RSS-Media, recently published version 1.5 of the Media RSS specification.

Over the past year, there have been discussions about the RSS Advisory Board becoming the publisher of the Media RSS namespace to ensure its continued availability and stability, a function the board serves for RSS 0.90 and RSS 0.91. Netscape transferred those specifications to the board in November 2008.

Sapna Chandiramani, a senior engineering manager at Yahoo whose department has responsibility for the Media RSS namespace, has indicated a willingness to have the board take over custodianship.

I propose that the RSS Advisory Board agrees to become the custodian of the namespace, publishing the current version at the permanent URL and archiving past versions.

Additionally, the board offers to manage the RSS-Media mailing list.

Finally, the board resolves that the namespace URI for Media RSS will remain "" for as long as it is published to ensure that software using the namespace will continue to function properly.

6 Edits Made to RSS Specification

In a 7-0 vote, the RSS Advisory Board has approved six edits to the RSS specification, the documentation for the RSS 2.0 format. These edits do not affect the definitions of the elements and attributes that constitute RSS. They were purely administrative changes that improve the readability of the document, fix a broken link and factual errors, and link to use-case documentation on the board's site.

The revision history for the specification describes the edits.

The proposal was made by Rogers Cadenhead and seconded by Sterling Camden. They were joined by members Simone Carletti, James Holderness, Randy Charles Morin, Ryan Parman and Paul Querna voting in favor.

The RSS Namespace?

Should RSS have a namespace? Recently, there's been discussion on th rss-public messages list about adding a namespace to RSS for RSS elements that are embedded in other XML documents. Currently, it is impossible to embed RSS elements inside other XML elements that have a default namespace. This proposal would allow such.

Please post your arguments here.

Please review the initial discussion here.

Ryan Parman Joins RSS Advisory Board

Congrats to Ryan Parman, the newest member of the RSS Advisory Board.

Ryan is the creator of SimplePie and Tarzan AWS and co-founder of WarpShare. He also co-built the Y! Messenger website. You can find out more about Ryan on his Website.

Ryan's Bio

Randy Charles Morin Becomes RSS Advisory Board Chair

Randy Charles Morin has become the chairman of the RSS Advisory Board, taking over for Rogers Cadenhead, who will continue as a member.

Morin, a member of the board since 2006, is an RSS software developer who created the enormously popular RSS-to-email service SendMeRSS, which had 50,000 users when it was sold to NBC Universal in 2007. Morin began the site -- originally called R-Mail, as a personal project, turning it into a business when it grew by 15,000 users over a 90-day period.

A member of the RSS community who's been evangelizing the format for years, Morin publishes the RSS Blog, a how-to site for RSS publishers and developers that has more than 6,800 subscribers to its feed.

While on the board, Morin led the development of the RSS Best Practices Profile, a set of recommendations that make it easier for feed publishers and programmers to implement RSS 2.0.

RSS News
This week, Steve Rubel has written a couple of blog posts that have made me kick myself in the ass for not doing more as chair of the board.

This is required reading for everybody who wants to help me advance RSS.

First he writes RSS Adoption at 11% and it May Be Peaking.

Then he writes I've Seen the Future of News, It's the Newsfeed.

Microsoft has announced that the user agent string for the next version of the RSS Platform will be "Windows-RSS-Platform/2.0 (MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0)".

The platform will be used by Internet Explorer 8 to request the user's subscribed RSS feeds.

The web-based RSS reader Bloglines now offers a mobile version of its service optimized for Apple iPhone. You can read full-text feeds, search for feeds and specific text across all feeds, and turn on Skweezer, a service that makes web pages more readable on mobile devices.

The draft of the RSS Profile has been updated with a new recommendation for how aggregators should implement the TTL element.

The RSS Best Practices Profile has been revised and is close to being submitted to a vote of the RSS Advisory Board. Aggregator developers and RSS publishers who'd like to submit recommendations for inclusion in the document are encouraged to do so on the RSS-Public mailing list by July 1.