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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <rss version="2.0" xmlns:atom="">
  3. <channel>
  4. <title></title>
  5. <description>Ruby's cool zone you should check it out</description>
  6. <link></link>
  7. <atom:link href="" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml" />
  10. <item>
  12. <title> What A Time To Be Alive</title>
  13. <description>
  14. <![CDATA[
  15. <h2>What a time to be alive</h2>
  16. <h3>It's Friday, I am tired</h3>
  17. <h3>
  18.  2023-01-27
  19. </h3>
  20. <h4>Ruby May Valentine</h4>
  21. <p>
  22. Hello everybody!
  23. </p>
  24. <p>
  25.  <img width="50%;"
  26. src=""
  27. alt="a picture of my desk, showcasing my raspberry pi 4 in its new red and black case!"
  28.  />
  29. </p>
  30. <p>
  31.  I am very tired while I’m writing this, I’ve been having problems with
  32.  getting to sleep lately which sucks! For a while it was just, I was
  33.  staying up really late and sleeping during the day but now it’s also
  34.  staying up all night and then not sleeping until the following night,
  35.  sucks!
  36. </p>
  37. <p>
  38.  Other than that things have started to feel normal again now that Pot
  39.  Roast has been back home for a while, I’m still super paranoid about
  40.  him getting out again though which I guess is better than him getting
  41.  out again due to me not worrying about it as much, he’s been doing
  42.  good, he’s caught a few more mice too lol, seems to be a never ending
  43.  supply of mice here, it’s insane.
  44. </p>
  45. <p>
  46.  Indigo is in North Carolina currently but will be back the night of me
  47.  writing this post (2023-01-26) It’s currently nearly 5am and yeah, I
  48.  haven’t slept, I’ve just been “doom scrolling” as people say nowadays,
  49.  which I was doing good with not doing for a few months! I think I’m
  50.  gonna try to write here more often than I have been doing to keep
  51.  myself off twitter especially, I for some reason cannot help but click
  52.  on alarming trending topics and reading horrible, hideous, posts,
  53.  which results in panic and despair, which is not healthy. I’d like to
  54.  just completely delete twitter, but I do enjoy seeing posts from
  55.  friends and my mutuals in Japan that post about video-games and the
  56.  weather there.
  57. </p>
  58. <p>
  59.  I ordered a bunch of CDs last month which have been arriving
  60.  throughout this month, building up a nice disc collection is fun, I’ve
  61.  also been ripping the CDs so I can add them to my raspberry pi 4 based
  62.  media server so I can stream the audio on my various devices, it’s
  63.  cool! I’m my own streaming platform, and with the discs backing it up,
  64.  aside from a major disaster and deep levels of bit rot, no one can
  65.  take the music away from me on a whim like we’ve seen streaming
  66.  platforms do time and time again especially more recently lately, with
  67.  adored media. I’ve pretty much only been listening to stuff I actually
  68.  own now instead of streaming via Apple Music, which has led to a
  69.  deeper appreciation of the music honestly, I had actually mainly been
  70.  listening to Young Thug’s album Punk for about two years now until I
  71.  started getting more discs because it was basically the only album I
  72.  had on disc, I think I still have a copy of Deadmau5’ > Album Title
  73.  Goes Here < from my teen years but it’s buried in a storage bin if so,
  74.  and is certainly missing the majority of the case, (whoops!). I really
  75.  like that album; it’s a shame Joel Zimmerman is a prick.
  76. </p>
  77. <p>
  78.  Speaking of pricks most of the CDs I’ve been buying are Kanye West
  79.  albums, I’ve been a long-time fan but decided hey, with the
  80.  ever-growing amount of horrible shit he’s saying and doing, I don’t
  81.  really want to support him financially in the slightest! So I’ve been
  82.  buying up discs second-hand so as to not directly contribute to his
  83.  ever massive wealth via streaming, and to say the absolute least, I
  84.  miss the old Kanye.
  85. </p>
  86. <p>
  87.  I also got Daft Punk’s “Discovery” on disc, and have more Daft Punk
  88.  discs on the way, I love Daft Punk! My mom introduced me to them as a
  89.  kid and would play their music all the time and I’ve been listening to
  90.  them ever since, a huge inspiration to my sound, I’ve covered a few of
  91.  their songs even, their music means a lot to me so it’s nice to have
  92.  it on disc once again! We actually had A LOT of music on disc
  93.  including Daft Punk but thanks to fucking iTunes and Apple we don’t
  94.  have that anymore, my mom had ripped all of her music to our computer
  95.  and added it to iTunes and decided hey I guess we don’t need this
  96.  massive amount of discs anymore, and of course later on due to iTunes
  97.  and general computer fuckery, we lost all of that music, a sad tale
  98.  told many times at this point I’m sure, oh the dawn of the mp3.
  99. </p>
  100. <p>
  101.  She’s happy now with her amazon music though, and I don’t blame her,
  102.  the wealth of most of the world’s sonic creation at your fingertips?
  103.  Hard to pass up. I also have Moonface’s “Organ Music Not Vibraphone
  104.  Like I’d Hoped” coming, and additionally “Skullgrid” by Behold… The
  105.  Arctopus, great music overall! I’m hoping I can get a WORKING tape
  106.  player with audio out before too long though because I have a shit ton
  107.  of tapes and I’d like to record their contents and add them to my
  108.  media server, a daunting task but I feel the need to do it. I’ll
  109.  probably end up ordering more discs next month if finances allow, they
  110.  are rather cheap after all, most of the discs mentioned I acquired for
  111.  $10 or less, buying second-hand rules!
  112. </p>
  113. <p>
  114.  I might actually hit up the local used media chain Bookman’s here
  115.  before too long because that’s also a great way to get CDs outside of
  116.  eBay and Discogs, and I might check out new stuff I haven’t heard
  117.  before, or even find stuff I forgot about, I love music.
  118. </p>
  119. <p>
  120.  I’ve also been getting lots of VHS tapes and DVDs which I’ve been
  121.  ripping the DVDs but haven’t gotten around to recording any tapes,
  122.  because you know, you have to let the entire movie play, and that’s a
  123.  long time to not use my computer lol, I have Takeshi Kitano’s
  124.  “Outrage” trilogy on DVD now, as well as Fireworks, and I have
  125.  Sonatine coming in the mail too, I’d like to get Brother, great movie,
  126.  all of his movies are great. Highly recommend.
  127. </p>
  128. <p>
  129.  I’ve been watching a lot of “The Brave Yoshihiko” lately, it’s a
  130.  Dragon Quest parody comedy inspired by Monty Python and The Holy
  131.  Grail, it fucking rules. I highly recommend it, especially if you play
  132.  Dragon Quest games. It’s hilarious even without context though, I love
  133.  it, I’ve basically just been watching it from the beginning to end
  134.  every week at this point, it never gets old!
  135. </p>
  136. <p>
  137.  I also added a shop and page to showcase artists I like the work of on
  138.  the website here, you can access those pages from the home page, give
  139.  it a look!
  140. </p>
  141. <p>
  142.  Also it’s the next morning I took a break from writing this post,
  143.  Indigo just got back from North Carolina last night, glad they’re
  144.  home, it’s very weird when they’re not here, was having a really hard
  145.  time sleeping because of it and still am, once again! I’m planning on
  146.  just staying up all day and pushing through it, I really wish I could
  147.  just retain a normal sleep schedule, it’s hideous to me the habits
  148.  I’ve formed since this dog sitting job I took last year, I’ve been
  149.  staying up later and not sleeping a lot ever since lol, I was having
  150.  trouble sleeping at the peoples house because I always have trouble
  151.  with sleeping in new places and that just snowballed into my once
  152.  again disordered sleeping.
  153. </p>
  154. <p>
  155.  I got a new case for my Raspberry Pi 4, it’s running real cool now
  156.  because of the fan that came with the case, really happy with it,
  157.  looks cool too! The official case they plug is basically a plastic
  158.  coffin for the poor thing so this is a major upgrade, it’s cool that a
  159.  little computer has been doing so much for me, i.e. managing my media,
  160.  I love it! I hope to one day upgrade to a legit server setup though,
  161.  big bulky hardware and all lol.
  162. </p>
  163. <p>
  164.  I also made a new comic, it’s about Pot Roast going on a Dragon Quest
  165.  style adventure, inspired by the TV series The Brave Yoshihiko, which
  166.  is in itself a Dragon Quest parody, it’s listed in the shop for a
  167.  print copy but you can also get a digital copy here:
  168.  <a
  169. href=""
  170.  >
  172.  >. I took the “no budget” concept from The Brave Yoshihiko and sort of
  173.  applied it as an art practice, I will spend as little time drawing the
  174.  comic as possible, so I’m doing quickly, purposefully poorly, and not
  175.  thinking about it too much, drawing like a child basically, it’s
  176.  pretty fun to draw this way, not measuring out anatomy and objects and
  177.  shit, it’s the most fun I’ve had making a comic in really long time,
  178.  it’s going to be an ongoing series and I’m gonna make the next issue
  179.  soon, I think if I can handle it there will be a new issue every
  180.  month, don’t hold me to that though lol, it is however very easy to
  181.  draw this way so I think it’s possible.
  182. </p>
  183. <p>
  184.  Also, I am running a gofundme to pay off some medical debt, dental
  185.  specifically, I basically accepted a ridiculous loan that’s impossible
  186.  to pay off monthly so I’m trying to raise money to pay it in full so I
  187.  can stop wasting money on it, as I do not make very much money,
  188.  ($257/mo is my income lol). If you feel like helping or sharing,
  189.  here’s the link:
  190.  <a
  191. href=""
  192. ></a
  193.  >.
  194. </p>
  195. <p>Anyway, thanks y’all, have a good one!</p>
  196. <p>
  197. -Ruby
  198. </p>
  200. ]]>
  201. </description>
  202. <link></link>
  203. <pubDate>Fri, 27 Jan 2023 05:52:00 MST</pubDate>
  204. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost13</guid>
  205. </item>
  208. <item>
  210. <title> HAPPY THURSDAY </title>
  212. <description>
  214. <![CDATA[
  216. <p> Happy Thursday! </p>
  217. <video controls width="50%" src=""></video>
  218. <p>
  219. What a week, for me at least!
  220. </p>
  221. <p>
  222. Pot Roast was missing for EIGHT DAYS he got out because we thought he was in the bedroom when he wasn't and the door didn't close all the way when we went outside, what a fucking nightmare!  I've had plenty of horrible experiences including being homeless for two years and going to jail twice!!! but I gotta say my cat missing for a bit over a week was the worst week of my life, I was just absolutely miserable, we finally got him back thanks to my neighbor he was hanging out in her yard, I actually had a hold of him a couple days prior but he escaped again when trying to get him in the cat carrier, luckily last Indigo was home so we drove over there this time and got him in the car and then put him in the carrier, it went very smoothly and now he's doing good, I think he missed us cus he's been all over us since getting back, the first thing he did though when getting back home was look for mice, then he fell asleep for a few hours lol.
  225. </p>
  226. <p>
  227. Now we're being extremely more careful I'm honestly anxious about opening the front and back doors at all now because of this experience but hopefully will get back to being normal soon, I'm just so worried he'll get out again is all, he's a great cat so it really was horrible thinking I might never see him again before we got him home!
  228. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a picture of my orange cat pot roast about to jump down from the dresser">
  229. </p>
  231. <p> In other news </p>
  233. <p>
  234. My friend gave me a raspberry pi 4 for free so I set up a media server on it with plex which has been super convenient, I've been ripping my CDs and DVDs and soon thanks to the same friend gonna be ripping some blu-rays!  I have a few of those two in one things like it has a blu-ray and a dvd and I guess blu-Ray is better so I might as well rip the better version, I actually ended up ordering an orange pi 3 LTS to play around with due to the raspberry pi shortage and more importantly recent behavior from raspberry pi (the company).  If the orange pi 3 LTS goes well I want to get an orange pi 5 and build myself a cyberdeck this year if I can swing it, I think it would be fun!  
  235. </p>
  236. <p>
  237. I think I might set up a pi-hole on the orange pi I do have coming cus network wide ad blocking sounds funny as hell to me I wanna see what the behavior is like for that lol.
  238. The media server is really nice especially because I have it setup for remote access so I can stream my music and whatever other media wherever I'm at, I don't leave the house a ton but sometimes we go on drives and stuff!  I'm currently ripping season four of the twilight zone, I got a good deal on it at bookman's (local used goods store), it's taking forever because it's six fucking discs, I've also been finding old Japanese movies on the internet archive to add cus I thought that would be fun.
  240. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a picture of a raspberry pi single board computer with some flash drives and an external hard drive plugged">
  242. </p>
  243. <p>
  244. I also got some cool stuff in the mail from Japan, Dragon Quest IV collector's set, boxed copy with the inserts of super Mario advance 4, and dragon quest 1 + 2 in box for game boy with all the inserts as well, it's actually the third copy I have of this game but I wanted a boxed copy, my goal is to have all the dragon quest games complete before too long, which I've nearly achieved actually, I'm mostly missing the DS games at this point I'm gonna get the DQ X offline version to fill the DQ X void, I wish a mainline game wasn't a completely online experience but oh well lol.
  246. <img width="100px" src="" alt="picture of dragon quest iv collectors edition box">
  248. <img width="100px" src="" alt="picture of dragon quest iv collectors edition booklet">
  250. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a picture of dragon quest iv collectors edition slab">
  252. </p>
  255. <p>
  256. Also looking forward to getting to the JavaScript side of my online course so I can do slideshows on here for photos since posts like this tend to have a bunch of them.
  257. </p>
  258. <p>
  259. I've also been decorating the house in the style of “maximalism” because my fiancée Indigo likes that stuff, I like it too now though it's fun and very chaotic lol.
  260. <img width="100px" src="" alt="my dining room with walls full of objects and pictures">
  261. </p>
  262. <p>
  263. I also got red backlit keycaps for my keyboard!  I really like how they turned out!
  264. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a picture of a keyboard with red backlit keycaps and white LEDs">
  265. </p>
  266. <p>
  267. And finally I edited some old photos I took in 2015, hope you like them!
  269. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a photograph of someone in a pig mask holding a burning piece of paper">
  270. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a photograph of a sheet in a yard floating in mid air">
  271. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a photograph of a sheet in a yard floating in mid air in a different shape">
  272. <img width="100px" src="" alt="a photograph of a sheet in a yard floating in mid air in a third shape">
  273. </p>
  274. <p>
  275. Anyway I hope you all have a great day!
  276. </p>
  277. <p>-Ruby <img src="" alt="ruby as the hero from dragon quest, animated and crab walking" width="20px"> </p>
  282. ]]>
  284. </description>
  285. <link></link>
  286. <pubDate>Thu, 12 Jan 2023 19:46:00 MST</pubDate>
  287. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost12</guid>
  288. </item>
  291. <item>
  292. <title>
  293. Happy Hanukkah!
  294. </title>
  295. <description>
  296. <![CDATA[
  297. <img
  298. src=""
  299. width="100px"
  300. alt="picture of a hanukkah menora with 9 candles in front of a window"
  301.  />
  302. <h1>  Hey Everyone! </h1>
  304. <h2>
  305.  Happy Hanukkah! 🕎</h2>
  306.  <hr>
  307. <p>
  308.  It's the last night so wanted to make a quick post, hope everyone has had a good week!  
  309. </p>
  310. <p>
  311. I went up to Mt. Lemmon with my fiancée so that was fun!
  312.  Also on the fifth night my blinds caught on fire, that was fun! Lol </p>
  313.  <p>
  314.  Also I released a <a href=""> music video </a> of one of the tracks from my newest album!
  315.  </p>
  316. <p>
  317.  Have a great night!
  318. </p>
  322. <p> -Ruby      
  323. <img
  324.   src=""
  325.   alt="ruby as the hero from dragon quest, animated and crab walking"
  326.   width="20px"
  327. />
  328.   </p>
  329.   <address>
  330. <a href="">📩</a>
  331. <br />
  332. <br />
  333. <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  334. </address>
  335. ]]>
  336. </description>
  337. <link></link>
  338. <pubDate>Sun, 25 Dec 2022 23:38:00 MST</pubDate>
  339. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost11</guid>
  340. </item>
  343. <item>
  344. <title>
  345. Massive website update!
  346. </title>
  347. <description>
  348. <![CDATA[
  349. <h1> Hey Everyone! </h1>
  351. <h2> I updated the website's look again lol </h2>
  352. <hr>
  353. <p>
  354. I decided it looked hideous to me so I have made it different colors and what not, this will probably happen many more times as my tastes change and I learn more about web development!
  355. </p>
  356. <p> Anyway have a great day!</p>
  357. <p> -Ruby </p>
  358. <hr>
  359. <address>
  360. <a href="">📩</a>
  361. <br />
  362. <br />
  363. <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  364. </address>
  365. ]]>
  366. </description>
  368. <pubDate>Thu, 22 Dec 2022 21:40:00 MST</pubDate>
  369. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost10</guid>
  370. </item>
  372. <item>
  373. <title>I broke the feed again!</title>
  374. <description>
  375. <![CDATA[
  376. <h1>Oops I did it again...</h1>
  377. <h2>I broke the feed again!</h2>
  378. <h3>(should be fixed now)</h3>
  379. <hr color="red" />
  380. <p>So yeah the feed was down pretty much all day! Which is... not great!</p>
  381. <p>
  382. I was promoting the hell out of the feed today so the fact that people may
  383. not have been able to subscribe due to my mess up really bums me out
  384. </p>
  385. <p>
  386. I at least announced that I broke the feed and fixed it wwhen I found out so
  387. hopefully that helps mitigate the damage lol
  388. </p>
  389. <p>
  390. But yeah I'm gonna make a checklist for myself so I can avoid obvious errors
  391. like forgetting to change sun to mon which is what did it today lol
  392. </p>
  393. <p>anyway have a great rest of your night/day!</p>
  394. <p>-Ruby</p>
  396. <p> edit: forgot to escape the html! lol! going great over here! </p>
  397. <hr color="red" />
  398. <address>
  399. <a href="">📩</a>
  400. <br />
  401. <br />
  402. <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  403. </address>
  404. ]]>
  405. </description>
  407. <pubDate>Mon, 19 Dec 2022 22:24:00 MST</pubDate>
  408. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost9</guid>
  409. </item>
  411. <item>
  413. <title> Good Morning everyone!</title>
  414. <description>
  415. <![CDATA[
  416. <h1>Good morning Readers! 🐓(RSS readers)</h1>
  417. <h2>Just wanted to say hey what's up</h2>
  418. <hr />
  419. <p>I've been playing the new pokémon games with my younger sister this morning I'm letting her use my copy of Violet until she can get her own since I bought the double pack, so I'm playing scarlet, the red one.</p>
  420. <p>We're trying to complete our pokédexes so we've mostly been trading back and forth and we also both decided we're going to build living dexes of this game so we're gonna both play through the entire games again on second accounts lol, a massive undertaking because it took me so damn long to finish the story, we'll start doing that once we fill every entry in our current games.</p>
  421. <hr />
  422. <p>Also cohost just implemented ATOM and RSS, RSS might be being deprecated on their end because of some technical issues with how shares show up in feeds so I recommend using the ATOM backend for now but you can put the link to my profile in your reader and it'll load up with chosts (cohost posts)</p>
  423. <hr />
  424. <p>Anyway, hope you have a good day!</p>
  425. <p>-Ruby</p>
  426. <hr />
  427. <address>
  428.    <a href="">📩</a> <br />
  429.    <br />
  430.    <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  431.  </address>
  432. ]]>
  433. </description>
  434. <pubDate>Mon, 19 Dec 2022 14:10:00 MST</pubDate>
  435. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost8</guid>
  436. </item>
  438. <item>
  439. <title> My new album is out!</title>
  440. <description>
  441. <![CDATA[
  443. <h1>Hey readers (RSS readers)! 😸</h1>
  444. <h2>I just released my second album</h2>
  445. <h3>it's called "RED"</h3>
  446. <img
  447.  src=""
  448.  alt="a red and black album cover featuring an image of ruby on a CRT television"
  449.  height="200px"
  450. />
  451. <hr width="50%" align="left" />
  452. <p>
  453.  I'm gonna write a longer blog post about it soon but it's available for $7
  454.  and it's 10 tracks!
  455. </p>
  456. <p>
  457.  You can find it at
  458.  <a href=""></a>
  459. </p>
  460. <p>Let me know how you like it!</p>
  461. <hr width="50%" align="left" />
  462. <h4>Here's the first review I've gotten:</h4>
  463. <figure>
  464.  <blockquote cite="">
  465. <p>Oh nice!! Good job!</p>
  466.  </blockquote>
  467.  <figcaption>—My fiancée</figcaption>
  468. </figure>
  469. <hr width="50%" align="left" />
  470. <p>Have a great rest of your night/day!</p>
  471. <p>-Ruby</p>
  472. <hr width="50%" align="left" />
  473. <address>
  474.  <a href="">📩</a> <br />
  475.  <br />
  476.  <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  477. </address>
  479. ]]>
  480. </description>
  481. <pubDate>Sun, 18 Dec 2022 22:29:00 MST</pubDate>
  482. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost7</guid>
  483. </item>
  485. <item>
  487. <title>I failed...</title>
  488. <description>
  490. <![CDATA[
  491. <h1>I have failed my fiancée and myself</h1>
  493. <p>
  494.  Hello everyone last night I made a post about staying up all night, well I
  495.  was supposed to stay up until 9am but I only made it until 7am, RIP my plans
  496.  for the morning lol
  497. </p>
  499. <p>Anyway hope you have a good day!</p>
  500. <p>-Ruby</p>
  502. <img
  503.  src=""
  504.  alt="a drawing of ruby as the hero from dragon quest in the style of akira toriyama, ruby is standing with a sword and shield on guard in a forest with the eyes of many monsters peering out from the trees"
  505.  height="200px"
  506. />
  508. <img
  509.  src=""
  510.  alt="ruby as the hero from dragon quest drawn in the style of akira toriyama, swinging a sword"
  511.  height="200px"
  512. />
  514. <img
  515.  src=""
  516.  alt="ruby as the hero from dragon quest writing in a notebook while a chicken king yells at her, a window is in the scene showing the castle walls"
  517.  height="200px"
  518. />
  520. <address>
  521.  <a href="">📩</a> <br />
  522.  <br />
  523.  <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  524. </address>
  525. ]]>
  527. </description>
  528. <pubDate>Sun, 18 Dec 2022 13:13:00 MST</pubDate>
  529. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost6</guid>
  530. </item>
  533. <item>
  535. <title>All Nighter...</title>
  536. <description>
  537. <![CDATA[
  538. <h1>Hey everybody!</h1>
  539. <hr />
  540. <h2>I'm pulling an all nighter lol</h2>
  542. <p>
  543.  Indigo (my fiancée) has to wake up early for work so I'm staying up to make
  544.  sure they wake up on time because on days like this I have a really hard
  545.  time convincing them to wake up when I am also very tired from having just
  546.  woke up lol
  547. </p>
  549. <p>
  550.  I just made some coffee with my phin in my red travel cup so I'm ready for
  551.  the night, I've also been drinking some beer, it's a Japanese craft beer I'm
  552.  glad I finally found one and that it's actually good, lager with yuzu in it,
  553.  exactly how it sounds! It is quite pricey however for the pack of four it
  554.  comes in, but totally understandable tbh, though I imagine it's incredibly
  555.  cheaper in Japan, which hurts.
  556. </p>
  558. <p>
  559.  If your RSS reader lets you click on links, you can read more about Kiuchi
  560.  Brewery here:
  561.  <a href="">Kiuchi Brewery</a>
  562. </p>
  564. <img
  565.  src=""
  566.  alt="a cut out of my hand holding a can of beer, it says kiuchi brewery in japanese and english as well as YUZU LAGER, there is a cute owl between YUZU and LAGER, and it then says Hitachino Nest Beer below"
  567.  height="200px"
  568. />
  570. <img
  571.  src=""
  572.  alt="a phin coffee brewer sitting atop a red travel cup, arguably, brewing coffee"
  573.  height="200px"
  574. />
  575. <hr />
  576. <h3>Speaking of Beer</h3>
  577. <p>Here are some of my favorites!</p>
  579. <ul>
  580.  <li>Pumpkin Porter - Four Peaks</li>
  581.  <li>Yuzu Lager - Kiuchi Brewery (as mentioned lol)</li>
  582.  <li>Koffee Kolsch - Huss Brewing</li>
  583.  <li>Sapporo</li>
  584.  <li>Barrio Blonde - Barrio Brewing</li>
  585.  <li>Kilt Lifter - Four Peaks</li>
  586.  <li>Crush Raspberry Sour - 10 Barrel Brewing</li>
  587.  <li>Vape Tricks - Prairie Artisan Ales</li>
  588. </ul>
  589. <hr />
  590. <p>
  591.  Anyway that's it from me for now hope y'all have a good day today :-)
  592.  <br />
  593.  <br />
  594.  -Ruby
  595. </p>
  597. <address>
  598.  <a href="">📩</a> <br />
  599.  <br />
  600.  <a href="">🌐 #RubyZone</a>
  601. </address>
  602.  ]]>
  604. </description>
  605. <pubDate>Sun, 18 Dec 2022 03:15:00 MST</pubDate>
  606. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost5</guid>
  607. </item>
  610. <item>
  612. <title>What's up?</title>
  613. <description>
  614. <![CDATA[
  616. <h1>Hello Readers (RSS readers)</h1>
  617. <hr>
  618. <br>
  619. <p>
  621. I'm starting up my web dev and computer programming courses again soon so I'm
  622. looking forward to learning more stuff! Also just obsessed with the idea of
  623. posting things to only the RSS feed, my rosts (RSS Posts), they're amazing to
  624. me.
  626. </p>
  628. <p>
  629. I added an XML extension to VS Code but TBH it's sort of useful but also sort of
  630. annoying, emmet code completion for html no longer works within CDATA tags
  631. because the XML extension treats it as some special sort of field so what I've
  632. started doing is just adding the CDATA tags after I'm done marking up the
  633. document
  634. </p>
  636. <p>ALSO,<b> POT ROAST </b> (my cat if you somehow don't already know) is NAKED, he
  637. must've gotten his collar caught on something at some point. I cannot find it
  638. for the life of me, he looks weird now, it's weird to me. Lmao. </p>
  640. <details>
  641. <summary>Also does this work</summary> Is it working? </details>
  643. <p> If that details tag above doesn't work don't blame me, blame your reader!
  644. There's actually not standard for what HTML tags are allowed and which are not,
  645. it's a bit silly to me if we're being honest here, but yeah so it's basically a
  646. free-for-all
  647. that's entirely up to whatever developer built your reader!</p>
  649. <h2>Anywawy</h2>
  650. <p>That's enough of my rambling <i>(for now)</i> I'll bother y'all later!</p>
  651. <h3>-Ruby</h3>
  652. <hr>
  653. <img src=""
  654. alt="a crude drawing of an egg cracking with the white and yolk spilling out"
  655. height="200px" />
  656. ]]>
  657. </description>
  658. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:29:00 MST</pubDate>
  659. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost4</guid>
  660. </item>
  662. <item>
  663. <title>It works!</title>
  664. <description> <![CDATA[
  665. <h1>
  666. My item organization system for the feed is now working! </h1>
  667. <p>Now I can post site updates, fun thoughts, a picture of my cat, or whatever via RSS without having to include a special link, just a little ID in the guid section, woo hoo!</p>
  668. <p>-Ruby</p>
  669. <img src="" alt="a picture of an orange car and a white dog sitting on a grey blanket together"/>
  670. ]]>
  671. </description>
  672. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 19:45:00 MST</pubDate>
  674. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost3</guid>
  675. </item>
  677. <item>
  678. <title>guid test 2</title>
  679. <description> <![CDATA[
  680. <h1>
  681. Don't mind me just testing out my new guid organization system </h1>
  682. <p>Hope you're all having a good one!</p>
  683. <p>-Ruby</p>
  684. ]]>
  685. </description>
  686. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 19:33:00 MST</pubDate>
  688. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost2</guid>
  689. </item>
  691. <item>
  692. <title>Howdy</title>
  693. <description>
  694. <![CDATA[
  695. <h1>Hello!</h1>
  696. <p>
  697. I wanted to test out using the guid element as not a link for things like this where I just want to make a post strictly to the RSS feed.
  698. </p>
  699. <p>
  700. I also wanted to test out more html elements in rss posts (rosts) so here's some stuff.
  701. </p>
  702. <h2> Top Three Young Thug Albums </h2>
  703. <ul>
  704. <li>Punk</li>
  705. <li>So Much Fun (Deluxe)</li>
  706. <li>Beautiful Thugger Girks</li>
  707. </ul>
  708. <a href="">
  709. <img src="" alt="a button that has ruby as the hero from dragon quest that says #rubyzone"/>
  710. </a>
  711. <p>Okay that's all from me for now! Thank you!</p>
  712. <p>-Ruby</p>
  713. ]]>
  714. </description>
  715. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 19:27:00 MST</pubDate>
  717. <guid isPermaLink="false">rost1</guid>
  718. </item>
  720. <item>
  721. <title>Hello!</title>
  722. <description>
  723. Hi, I broke the feed again so you may need to delete and add the feed again to see
  724. previous updates if you're using RSSOwl to read feeds, sorry!
  725. </description>
  726. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 17:41:00 MST</pubDate>
  728. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  729. </item>
  731. <item>
  732. <title>Testing image upload to feed edit 3</title>
  734. <description>
  736. <![CDATA[
  738.  <img src="" alt="ruby as the hero from dragon quest"/>        
  739. ]]>  
  741.       <![CDATA[hello this is a test, I'm seeing if image upload works and also if adding an entire blog post to the feed will work this time!
  743.       edit: just found out about CDATA tags for images and adding html to an xml document so please work omg
  745.       so here's last night's blog post (I hope)
  746. <br> <br>
  747. Hey everyone, hope you're doing well!  
  748. <br> <br>
  749. I started learning how to cross stitch on October 17th of this year and just finished my first big project!  It's King Dragon from Dragon Quest 1 but I made him red (of course).  It's not perfectly accurate to the actual pixel art because of the simple fact I was working on it for like 12 hours straight at a time for nearly three weeks and was losing my fucking mind lol, so I messed up in a few spots, it also did not help I was using this water soluble canvas that was warping like crazy because it would get soft from my sweaty ass hands and then harden up again when I wasn't working on it in weird shapes and stuff so it made it hard to make stitches and count properly, I've since started working on some smaller projects with regular waste canvas which is water soluble but still uses actual threads that you just pull out after soaking it in water instead of the entire canvas being water soluble itself, it works A LOT better than the water soluble stuff so I am liking it quite a lot, I did a little ghost looking Dragon Quest slime on one of my t-shirts with it!  I'm going to be doing some more projects soon but much smaller than the King Dragon one, it took so long, I was so exhausted from it, but it was very fulfilling to finally complete it and now I have a cool shirt!  The shirt actually has a bunch of designs on it and I plan to add more but I've been wanting to decorate more of my other clothes lately since I did such a huge thing on that one and it's already pretty packed with cross stitching lol, I'm planning on doing some of my pants and jeans next! <br>
  750. <br>
  751. I highly recommend cross stitching, it's very fun and affordable!  You can get a lot of embroidery floss for like 60 cents each at a fabric or crafts store and the waste canvas I use is also very cheap, and needles, also cheap!  
  752. <br> <br>
  753. Dwarf Fortress
  754. <br> <br>
  755. I've also been playing a fuck ton of Dwarf Fortress, it's very easy to be playing it and completely lose track of time, I'm not very good at it yet but it's also very complex of a game and very hard lol, my third fortress which is my current one is about 10 years old now (in-game time) and my Duke just died with no heir so we're back to just having a mayor now, each spring (sometimes autumn?) a bunch of goblins come and wreck everything and kill like a third of the population and I haven't had much luck trying to figure out what to do about it, last time they only killed one person but this time they brought a shit ton more people with them and just wrecked shop lol, I'm honestly just hoping this fortress fails on it's own before too long because I want to check out the world in Legends mode which will give me a lot more to write about over here regarding Dwarf Fortress!  You can choose to retire a fortress manually but I just kind of want to see what happens if they fizzle out lol, things are not going well after all!
  756. The population of the fort used to be like 120, now it's diminished to 54 currently.
  757. I highly recommend this game!
  758. <br> <br>
  759. Death Stranding Director's Cut
  760. <br> <br>
  761. I've also been playing a lot of Death Stranding Director's Cut!  It was on sale as an upgrade from the base game on steam ($6 wow!) which I didn't get super far into because I got distracted by other things plus Death Stranding is scary so I can only play so much at a time lol.  Death Stranding is so cool though, it's the first game I've played that's been Directed? Designed? By Hideo Kojima and I love it, it's such a funny game while also being terrifying as well as chill, the music beats that happen during story stuff like when you're walking to the first city you encounter are awesome and very relaxing, the game is really just a roller coaster of feelings to experience, I'm looking forward to getting back to where I was in the base game to experience more of the story, which is mostly why I'm playing it, I saw someone recently write about how the story isn't its strongest part but I really love it honestly.  I'm also going to be playing Metal Gear Solid for game boy soon so looking forward to checking out an older Kojima game!  But yeah highly recommend Death Stranding especially if you're into horror!
  762. <br> <br>
  763. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
  764. <br> <br>
  765. I've also been playing a shit ton of Pokémon Scarlet!  It's very fun, I have Scarlet and Violet so my sister has been playing my copy of Violet on her switch, this entry is very fun and I love all the new monster designs, especially the spoilery ones I won't mention here in case you want to play it and be surprised!
  766. The new auto battling mechanic in the open world is also a very nice and very welcomed feature.
  767. I don't have much else to say about the game that isn't full of spoilers, but I'll probably write more about it at some point!
  768. <br> <br>
  769. Other News
  770. <br> <br>
  771. I've added an RSS feed for how many mice Pot Roast has killed, it's currently at 13, and I'm not so sure it'll go any higher because I haven't heard any lately lol, he's very skilled and patrols the house to find them and screams if he can't find any.  Also unfortunately Pot Roast has been diagnosed with FIV which is weird because the shelter is supposed to test them for that but we took him to his first vet visit and he tested positive for it, luckily we have insurance for him so regular vet visits won't be a problem for us and he's a strictly indoor cat because I'm very opposed to outdoor cats in general so he should be all good but it's of course a bit worrying.  He's a great cat.  We also got a baby gate to keep the dog out of the bedroom and let Pot Roast jump in and out of the bedroom as he pleases because he loves yelling if to be let in or out lol.
  772. <br> <br>
  773. Indigo (my fiancée) and I have been working on the “Save the dates” for our wedding and are going to be sending those out soon, I think they turned out pretty good!
  774. <br> <br>
  775. I've been tuning more and more out of social media which is strange to me I used to be posting on twitter constantly, I think this blog has helped quite a lot with that it's somewhere I can talk about things in my life and thoughts I have in a longer form with less pressure, I'm not sure if anyone reads these even but it's nice to put it out there any way!  If you do read these feel free to email me if you want to comment or just chat!  
  776. <br> <br>
  777. My sister gave me a computer monitor so now I can have a total of 5 monitors active if I really want to lol, very funny to me, two regular monitors, a drawing tablet, a CRT TV, and my iPhone or iPad Pro.
  778. <br> <br>
  779. I'm going to be working on more video content/art soon so I'm looking forward to that, I want to do a let's play and some video art as well but not entirely sure what game I want to play and what art I want to make.
  780. <br> <br>
  781. I'm also going to be rebooting my podcast, stay tuned!
  782. <br> <br>
  783. ANYWAY
  784. <br> <br>
  785. Thanks for reading I hope you have a wonderful day!
  786. <br> <br>
  787. -Ruby
  788. <br> <br> ]]>
  791. </description>
  792. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 17:31:00 MST</pubDate>
  793. <link></link>
  794. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  795. </item>
  798. <item>
  799. <title>test</title>
  800. <description>hello this is a test, i broke the feed again whoops!
  801. </description>
  802. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 01:24:00 MST</pubDate>
  803. <link></link>
  804. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  805. </item>
  807. <item>
  808. <title>Cross Stitch Craze</title>
  809. <description>I've been crossing so many stitches! follow this link to read my latest
  810. blog post!
  811. </description>
  812. <pubDate>Sat, 17 Dec 2022 01:09:00 MST</pubDate>
  813. <link></link>
  814. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  815. </item>
  818. <item>
  819. <title>Updated Website Look</title>
  820. <description>Website has new cosmetic changes!</description>
  821. <pubDate>Thu, 24 Nov 2022 12:16:30 GMT</pubDate>
  822. <link></link>
  823. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  824. </item>
  826. <item>
  827. <title>Dragon Quest</title>
  828. <description>new blog post about dragon quest</description>
  829. <pubDate>Mon, 14 Nov 2022 21:04:56 GMT</pubDate>
  830. <link></link>
  831. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  832. </item>
  835. <item>
  836. <title>The Website Has a new look!</title>
  837. <description>give it a look!</description>
  838. <pubDate>Sun, 13 Nov 2022 03:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  839. <link></link>
  840. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  841. </item>
  843. <item>
  844. <title>Pot Roast is a very good boy!</title>
  845. <description>all about my new cat!</description>
  846. <pubDate>Wed, 09 Nov 2022 11:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  847. <link></link>
  848. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  849. </item>
  851. <item>
  852. <title>Mice Circus</title>
  853. <description>My house has mice and they're getting bolder</description>
  854. <pubDate>Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  855. <link></link>
  856. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  857. </item>
  859. <item>
  860. <title>First actual post!</title>
  861. <description>I've been fuckinf gaming</description>
  862. <pubDate>Sun, 06 Nov 2022 14:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  863. <link></link>
  864. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  865. </item>
  868. <item>
  869. <title>Welcome to my blog</title>
  870. <description>a brief introduction</description>
  871. <pubDate>Sun, 06 Nov 2022 11:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
  872. <link></link>
  873. <guid isPermaLink="true"></guid>
  874. </item>
  877. </channel>
  878. </rss>

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