This service tests the validity of an RSS 2.0 feed, checking to see that it follows the rules of the RSS specification. For advice from the RSS Advisory Board on how to implement RSS and handle issues such as enclosures and HTML encoding, read the RSS Best Practices Profile. This checker is also a validator of Atom and RSS 1.0 feeds.

Use this tester regularly to ensure that your RSS feed continues to work well in the wide audience of RSS readers, podcast clients and other software that supports the format.

  • Server returned timed out [help]


An error occurred while trying to validate this feed.

Possible causes:

  1. The address may be incorrect. Make sure the address is spelled correctly. Try loading the feed directly in your browser to make sure a feed exists at that address.
  2. The feed may be temporarily unavailable. The server may be down, or too slow. Try again later.
  3. The validator may be busted. If the feed exists, the server is fine, and the problem is reproducible, let us know on the RSS Validator Issues page on GitHub.
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