If you need help, there are plenty of mailing lists availble where helpful people will patiently answer your questions. For best results, pick the one that most closely matches your question.

Configuration, Template, or Product support?

If your question relates to how you configure a service, or how to modify a template, then you might want to ask such a question on a mailing list specific to that product or service. Some examples include:

Spec questions?

If your question is about a specific specification, you might want to consult with the mailing list where that specification is discussed. Three such mailing lists are rss-dev which tends to focus on RSS 1.0, rss-public which tends to focus on RSS 2.0, and atom-syntax which tends to focus on Atom 1.0.

Additionally, there are a number of mailing lists that deal with popular extensions, for example:

Message unclear?

The purpose of the RSS Validator is to compare a feed against one of the various specifications covering feeds. The feedvalidator-users discussion list is a good place to ask questions about the RSS Validator itself, or of error or warning messages that are produced. For best results, in your messages please give the URL of your feed, and the individual [help] page that you found confusing.

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